Aiden is the author of 3 books and has contributed to almost all the major business publications including, VentureBeat, Mashable, Entrepreneur, WIRED, and INC.

Aiden is also the founder of Casting.AI the world first ever AI talent agent.

When first creating Casting.AI’s chat interface, Aiden was looking for best practices material online, and realized their wasn’t any. He then tried looking for good examples and realized that most bot builders were just winging it when it came to their writing. Unable to find any information on how to write for conversational interface, Aiden applied what he knew about good writing practices and app design and invented and tested his own ideas.

Aiden has shared his insights on chat interface design in a series of publications, and has become the go to expert for how to make a bot act more like a human.

At last, a marketing book that’s simple, easy to read, and amazingly accurate in its advice.
- Jack Trout
A how-to guide for creating authentic and engaging bots...
Coming soon!
The definitive guide for reaching and engaging youth demographics
- Globe and Mail