AI is the new electricity

Are you ready for the next Industrial Revolution?

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About Aiden

Aiden is the founder of ThermoAI, the leading AI company to use AI to reduce emissions and save fuel in the energy and manufacturing industries.

Aiden is the author of 3 books on business and technology, including his most recent title “The AI Entrepreneur”. Aiden is also a contributor to VentureBeat’s AI section. He has been featured in over a dozen publications worldwide including Mashable, WIRED, and Globe and Mail.

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Projected tonnes of CO reduced


Equivalent cars off the road


Projected fuel saved to clients


Projected money saved for clients

AI for Social Good

Aiden believes AI have a massive impact in helping companies not only cut cost but also reduce their emissions. We are very proud of the impact ThermoAI has already had.

AI to cut costs

Optimizing operations with AI can have a massive impact on a company’s bottom line. There are hundreds of applications within each business to easily reduce waste and increase profitability.

AI as a competitive advantage

As with every new technology, the biggest winners are always the early adopters. By implementing AI now, companies can be assured they will have the data sets and processes necessary to propose with the upcoming AI revolution

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